Do you care about the safety of your identity documents during the job search?

In the Internet and digital age, the protection of personal data is very important. Why? Because personal information can be used by unwanted people like a good that one can steal and sell.

Why is this about you?

Because in the recruitment process it is necessary to send scans of your travel documents (in most cases it is a passport) in order to obtain a work permit. A passport is a document that allows your identification. You would not want your passport to become a commodity on the black market, right?

How to stay safe when applying for the job?

First of all, check the employment agency (license number, website, etc.). When contacting the recruiter, pay attention to whether he mentions the protection of personal data. A good recruitment specialist will always have your safety in the first place!

Look at how you can apply for a job. The best employment agencies use modern systems dedicated specifically for recruitment of foreigners.

Such a system guarantees you:

Data security – Your personal data is secured on many levels against loss and unauthorized access. Personal information is simultaneously on 7 disks, in 2 data centers.

Legal security –
using the modern recruitment system you can be sure that the employment agency meets the requirements of GIODO and RODO. In one place you submit the necessary declarations regarding the entire recruitment and employment process, and you can be sure that your will be correctly calculated.

Flexible approach – modern employment agencies listen to their clients and develop a recruitment system according to their needs.