Do you know when to replace your residence card?

The 7HR Employment Agency has prepared a short list for you based on information provided by The Office for Foreigners.

The residence card should be replaced in the case of:

• a change of data included in the previous residence card;
• a change of the image would hinder or prevent the identification of the holder based on photo placed on the residence card;
• its damage;
• its loss.

To replace the TEMPORARY residence card, the foreigner must submit the application within 14 days of the occurrence of one of the above-mentioned cases. The application is submitted to the Voivode competent with regard to the place of residence.

IMPORTANT: In case of damage or loss of the residence card, it should be reported within 3 days to the authority that issued the card. In this case, the foreigner receives free certificate confirming the above fact.

The form for downloading, the required documents, fees and the number of the cabinet where you can apply are indicated on the websites of Voivodship Offices.