How to choose the best employment agency?

Do you think about going to Poland for working there? Or maybe you are already here, but you feel that now is the right moment to change your job?

In Poland, the majority of foreigners are employed by Employment Agencies. Why? Because the procedures are that complicated that they require work of specialists. Specialists know all the rules regarding the employment of foreigners in Poland backwards and forwards. Many of them speak at least two foreign languages. Experts have their own bases of candidates with whom they contact and present job offers corresponding with their education and experience. As a result, they are able to provide employees for their Clients in a very short time.

Currently, there are many good Employment Agencies on the polish market. But you probably want to get to the best one. What are the features of the best Employment Agency in the field of employing foreigners in Poland?

We present a list of 7 things you should pay attention to.

  1. Length of activity of the Employment Agency. You prefer to deal with a group of experts who have been present in the labor market for at least several years, right? Indeed, Employment Agencies with a long history can boast of rich experience. The experienced Employment Agency equals your stability and no unpleasant surprises.
  2. Having a company’s website in a language that you understand. Every solid Employment Agency has its own website, and the presence on social media is just an addition.
  3. Having a Work Agency license. In Poland, every company that deals with the process of recruiting and employing foreigners has a license issued by the Voivode. The license is usually given on the website of the Job Agency.
  4. Package of services proposed by the Employment Agency. Are they offering accommodation, Polish language courses for foreigners, help to set up a bank account and PESEL number? Yes, the best Employment Agencies offer a wide range of services just to make you feel safe in Poland.
  5. Additional certificates. Currently, certificates are not nicely framed and proudly hung in the office of President. Each certificate attests to the quality of management of the Employment Agency. The certificate is also often a pass for the Employment Agency to work with serious and large clients in Poland. The certificate is your guarantee of no risk.
  6. Communication. Contact with the best Employment Agency is never difficult (we are talking about communication with a recruiter during the working hours of the Employment Agency). Experts should respond in a matter-of-fact manner and provide you with information on how the recruitment process will take place.
  7. Recommendations of family and friends. Has anyone from your loved ones already been to Poland and is satisfied with his work? Nothing builds the reputation of the Employment Agency like an employee recommendation.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article: there are many good Employment Agencies in Poland. However, we believe that you deserve the best!