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Employment of foreign employees is very popular in Poland, however, from the decision to entrust a foreigner with work to the actual employment there is a long and time-consuming way to go for administrative formalities. Every year the legislators introduce changes in the law aimed at facilitating the employment of foreigners in Poland, however, the procedures are still too complicated and waiting for authorities to make decisions is taking too long.

Our consulting and training services are an excellent source of information to help employers understand the complicated legislations regulating the employment of  foreigners in Poland.

During the trainings we discuss the latest changes in regulations and also methods of adapting processes and practices in companies employing foreign workers from Belarus, Ukraine, Nepal, Philippines, India, Vietnam and other countries. Trainings are held under the experts’ supervision. We have a qualified staff of professionals who are willing to share their rich experience and valuable information on the employment of foreigners.

An example of the subjects of trainings:

Employing a foreigner step by step.

Legalisation of stay and extension of permits

Main risks related to incorrect employment of foreigners - how to avoid mistakes?

The consulting service is designed for employers who are looking for professional and comprehensive expert support in the area of employment of foreigners, and also need individual consultation, e.g. would like to discuss their own case study. In the consulting service we share our extensive experience and years of practice which oblige us to provide reliable and top-quality advisory services.

Using our service on a regular basis, you have a guaranteed access to expert knowledge, professional service and compliance with current trends in the labor market and HR sector. Thanks to our updated knowledge you can be sure that, while upgrading your knowledge with us, you will be protected from making mistakes that can cost you a lot.

See if you and your company can benefit from training funding - up to 80%.

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Questions and answers:

We organize trainings tailored to your needs. Our offer includes both individual and group trainings. In order to ensure the best possible results of training, we prefer small training groups.

The cost of training depends on the subject matter, duration and number of participants. What makes us stand out on the market is the possibility of gaining funding for each training course. The amount of it depends on the company's specificity and is can be up to 80%

Yes, we are able to organize training on any subject. We cooperate with many trainers of the highest qualifications from all over Poland.

Depending on the training subject and your needs, we offer one-day or several-day training courses. There is also a possibility of organizing trainings in any place you choose.

All trainings are organized in the form of workshops. Teaching methods are based on practical exercises, because we know that they are a perfect way to assimilate the material. We are practitioners, we do not use legal and incomprehensible language. We know that the practice of administrative offices often differs from one location to another.

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Our specialists provide effective solutions for legal employment. Stay up to date with knowledge and current changes in legislation. See if you and your company can benefit from a training grant - up to 80%! Contact us and take advantage of the opportunities!


Marcin Rabczyński

B2B Sales Manager