Are you a graduate of a Polish post-secondary school?

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Foreigners who are graduates of Polish post-secondary schools (szkoła policealna) are exempt from the requirement to hold a work permit in accordance with § 1 p 15 Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of April 21 2015

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Post-secondary school (szkoła policealna) is a kind of school in the Polish education system designed for high school graduates. In order to be admitted to post-secondary school, it is necessary to have a secondary education, but no school leaving exams is required. Thus, a post-secondary school (szkoła policealna) belongs to the groups of high-school schools.

Post-secondary schools (szkoły policealne) can be both public and non-public schools.
Information about a particular school can be found on the website of the Education Information Center, which includes the Register of Schools and Educational Institutions:

A foreigner who is a graduate of a Polish post-secondary school (szkoła policealna) – regardless of whether it is a public or private school (entered into the relevant register) – is exempt from the obligation to have a work permit on the territory of the Republic of Poland. For the duration of this exemption, it is also irrelevant whether the post-secondary schooling took place in a stationary or extramural form.

When hiring, the foreigner must properly document his right to work without a work permit, and provide the employer with the original post-secondary school-leaving certificate (dyplom ukończenia szkoły policealnej) and allow the employer to make a copy.

A copy of the post-secondary school-leaving certificate may be needed by the employer in case of an inspection (in particular, the National Labor Inspectorate and the Border Guard).