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Employment outsourcing

Employment outsourcing is an perfect solution for companies that want to maintain the continuity of orders, and which do not have enough employees.

Outsourcing is one of the most popular methods to reduce costs by delegating certain activities outside the company. It is very profitable due to the lack of need to maintain additional work places, helps to optimize expenses and improve current operations, as well as increase competitiveness on the market.

We provide outsourcing services under the 7HS company, specially dedicated to this purpose. Within the employment outsourcing service the 7HS provides prepared employees ready to perform a specific work.

Industries in which we in partnership with 7HS support our Clients in times of increased demand for employees are primarily the following:

Production, food processing

production line employees, packagers, sorters, machine operators

Welding industry

welding by any method,

Hotel industry

housekeeping, kitchen helpers, waiters/waitresses

Construction industry

framework carpenters, armourers, bricklayers, roofers, as well as painters, drywall builders, carpenters, plumbers, stonecutters, electricians

The 7HS company takes over all the responsibilities related to the recruitment and selection of candidates, preparation of documentation for the legalization of employment, medical examinations, accommodation, HR and payroll services.

A dedicated coordinator is assigned to each order of an employee group, who is responsible for the care of the employees, as well as continuous contact with the Client.
In addition, the employment outsourcing guarantees the possibility of a quick replacement of the employee in the case when the employee does not meet the employer’s expectations or the employee resigns from performing previously agreed work.

Why is it worth using employment outsourcing services?


A clear model of cooperation


Full HR and payroll services


Full service of employment legalization


Optimisation of cost structure


Maintaining the number of positions at the required level


A dedicated coordinator


Maintaining employment rates at a constant level, e.g. no additional PFRON (Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund) charges


The confidentiality of employment information


Monitoring, for example, the entire production and process line, taking care of the efficiency and optimisation of all work processes

As professionals and experts in the recruitment industry, we are able to effectively solve staffing problems. Our offer is always updated and adjusted to the modern employer and current trends on the labour market.

Questions and answers:

Outsourcing allows you to optimise your administrative costs - together with the 7HS partner we take care of all activities related to the employment of external employees. We take over the full service of payroll settlements, thanks to which you will avoid excessive growth of your own administrative resources. The outsourcing services include: running the recruitment process, signing contracts with employees, paying salaries, sending employees for regular examinations, organizing substitutions and trainings.

The employee is employed in our company on the basis of a civil-law contract or employment contract, depending on the specifications of the order.

Final pricing is determined by the following factors: duration of the order, number of ordered employees, requirements for ordered employees, location of the workplace. The cost of cooperation is discussed together with our sales specialist, who will select the best solution for your company.

The employee's settlement is on the side of our partner 7HS, who provides comprehensive HR and payroll services.

Settlements with our 7HS partner are determined by the number of working hours performed by an employee delegated to your company or by our employees performing specific work ordered by the employer. An invoice is issued once a month, with a 7-day payment term. The short period is the result of obligations towards employees who are waiting for their salary.

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When you choose an outsourcing service, you can be sure that the model of cooperation will be tailored to your needs, guided by the interest and maximization of profits for your business.

Contact us. Start cooperation. Develop your company!


Marcin Rabczyński

B2B Sales Manager