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Employment leasing

Employment leasing is currently one of the most popular and convenient forms of employment for employers. It is an ideal solution, especially for companies that need a temporary staffing boost due to an increase in production, a large one-time order or seasonal activity.

Employment leasing is a cooperation between your company and 7HR, on the basis of which we make employees, including foreigners, available for a specified period of time.

As a professional employment agency, we always take care of the highest quality of our services, therefore we provide our employers with reliable and efficient employees, with the necessary skills and knowledge, and above all on favourable financial terms.

Thanks to cooperation with us you will gain efficient workforce, the whole cost of which will be included in one monthly invoice. We recruit employees from labor markets with high work ethic – similar to Poland – we attract loyal and hard-working employees. 

More and more industries use employment leasing.

See how you will benefit by cooperating with us:


No recruitment costs


Fast response time to rotation, immediate replacement in case of employee’s resignation by another


One contract – one monthly VAT (value added tax) invoice


Lack of official obligations, i.a., ZUS (Social security services) and US (tax/revenue office)


Optimisation of employment costs


As a professional agency we take on the entire risk of employment


As a professional agency, we take responsibility for administrative and human resources services, such as taking over obligations related to contracts or temporary employees’ payroll services


Staff leasing costs may be classified as a revenue deductible cost


Hourly rate settlements

Employment leasing provided by 7HR is a service allowing quick recruitment of temporary employees who will provide your company with an uninterrupted production or service process, as well as relieve the existing staff and enable the execution of new orders! The employment leasing service is legal and is based on the Act on Temporary Employees.

Our task, as a professional employment agency, is to support your company in identifying the staffing needs, its development and quick response to its current needs! Thanks to hiring employees you will reduce staff rotation and implement business plans.

Questions and answers:

Employee leasing is currently the most convenient form of employment. Using such a solution, you will gain efficient manpower, the whole cost of which is included in one monthly invoice. Employment leasing is about ensuring a certain number of temporary employees without including in the personnel of your company. Employment leasing allows you to quickly and effectively ensure an efficient production process through the participation of temporary employees.

Temporary agency workers are paid the same salary as a permanent employees - this is the obligation under the Temporary Employment Act to treat employees equally. The final valuation depends on factors such as duration of the order, the number of employees ordered, requirements for employees to be hired, and the location of the workplace. The cost of cooperation is discussed together with our sales specialist, who will select the most beneficial solution for your company.

Employment leasing is dedicated to all companies that need a temporary boost in their staffing due to e.g. the implementation of a large project or an increase in demand for a product or seasonality of business. This form of cooperation allows for high savings - you do not shoulder the costs of recruitment and selection.

Settlements with the agency are determined by the number of hours worked by the employee delegated to the Employer User. We issue an invoice once a month, with a 7-day payment term. The short period is determined by our obligations towards the employees who are waiting for their salaries.

Temporary workers are employed by our agency and we deal with financial settlements, including all HR and payroll services.


Contact our specialist and discover the advantages of employment leasing!


Marcin Rabczyński

B2B Sales Manager